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Logan S. | 22 years old

Spinal Cord Injury

"We drive over 2 hours from Virginia and it is so worth the drive.

Being diagnosed as a C6 complete SCI, I was told I would never have function below my injury. With the proper rehab from Andrew, I continue to prove the doubters wrong.  The facility  is super clean and well equipped. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone wanting to exceed expectations."

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Susan K. | 50 years old


"I am impressed by these trainers’ knowledge. They think outside of the box. Customizing and incorporating the client's personal interests into their individualized workout regiment. I have progressed more in the last 7 weeks at NeuMotion Rehab than I had in the previous 6 months at my old rehab place."

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Lance F. | 18 years old

Spinal Cord Injury

"At NeuMotion Rehab, I get to explore my capabilities. The trainers and therapists are really good at getting you upright into new positions that can push your body to its limits. After my workout, I always feel stronger and better in my skin."

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